The Campus

Building superyachts together
At the former ADM yard, state of the art vessels are designed and built, but refits and maintenance can also be performed on superyachts that come from other yards.
The Dutch SuperYacht Tech Campus is easily accessible for superyachts via the North Sea Canal. The Campus will be set up in such a way that several superyachts up to 200 meters in length can be newly built and/or refitted, and offers space for mooring 40 superyachts up to 200 meters in length.

Design, construction and maintenance in one sustainable location
Another unique feature is that the Campus offers the space to design and produce the entire yacht on site, as well as space for training. This reduces the need to travel to a minimum. Fewer travel and transport movements contribute to making the sector more sustainable. In addition, the construction of the various facilities, energy neutral or even energy generating is the starting point and transport on the Campus will take place by bicycle or electric baby carriage.

High tech campus
The Campus will be designed to optimize communication and cooperation between various specialists. With R&D units and innovation labs, high-tech companies and vocational schools will come up with groundbreaking innovations of the yacht building industry here. By providing an environment where the future of superyachts is taking shape, while the current generation of yachts is being created in plain sight, we offer both professionals and students a unique and stimulating environment.

Production hall for sustainable production
Each production hall is assigned a function, so that specialists and performers in areas such as design, electrical systems, interior and exterior can work together more effectively and efficiently. By placing value-added activities back-to-back in the production process, quality improves and the number of transport movements is reduced.
Seven covered docks up to 200 meters
A total of seven covered docks will be constructed, four large docks up to 200 meters in length and three large docks up to 155 meters in length. These docks will be used for refits and maintenance of existing superyachts. A yacht elevator is available for yachts up to 80 meters, allowing maintenance to take place on the shore. Outside, with a water depth of up to 9 meters, there will be space for mooring 40 superyachts up to 200 meters in length. There will also be a bunker station.

Excellent accessibility
The accessibility of the Campus is also ideal for visitors and crew. There is a HeliCentre right next to the site. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the third largest airport in Europe, is 15 minutes away, and it is only 5 minutes to the center of Amsterdam. A vibrant city with leading museums, culinary restaurants and a variety of luxury stores.

The ideal start of the journey
And when the yacht is ready, this is the ideal starting point for the increasingly popular route to the top of the world, London or other destinations.

Preparatory work

Conduct surveys and apply for construction and environmental permits. Start of construction preparation from November 2021 to March 2022.

Start of construction work

Start construction dock 1, 2 and 3 in March 2022 and completion in June 2023.

Quays and pier

Construction of the quays and the floating pier will begin in April 2022. The pier will be commissioned in June 2022 and the quay in April 2023.

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