Ideally situated

The Campus has its own quay and is the only shipyard in the region where ships with a length of 200 meters can dock. This is due to its unique location in the Western Docklands of Amsterdam.
We thus offer yacht builders and yacht owners the opportunity to build, modify, maintain and repair all types of superyachts here.
Approach route
From the North Sea, a superyacht passes through the largest sea lock in the world; 500 meters long, 70 meters wide and 18 meters deep. To our Campus, which is tidal, it is then a few minutes sailing.

Distance from Amsterdam
The accessibility of the Campus is also ideal for visitors. By car it takes 15 minutes to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the third largest airport in Europe, and 5 minutes to the center of Amsterdam. The HeliCentre right next to our site makes distances even shorter and makes every trip an experience.
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