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The building permit has been applied for!

On Tuesday, December 21, we applied for a building permit for the first phase. This phase focuses on building the first three halls with the docks inside. The docks range in length from 110 to 185 meters long and 22 to 35 meters wide.

With the appearance of the docks we want to make a statement. High quality, transparent, flowing!

The docks and workshops will have a fresh, white color appropriate for yacht construction, maintenance and refit. The three dock halls are 37m high and the workshops are located in between as a lower volume. On the water side the docks have different lengths which creates a segmentation, on the land side the facade is designed as one plane.

By using a lot of glass around the complex, there is daylight in the workspaces and employees can experience the outside world. In addition, we offer visitors and passers-by the opportunity to see what beautiful products are made in the halls; after all, we are proud of that!

The glass facade runs with a flowing line around the building, a reference to the flowing shapes and windows in shipbuilding. On the roof of the high halls there are solar panels that cannot be seen from eye level. What can be seen are six wind turbines on the facade on the side of the North Sea Canal.

We hope to start construction in April 2022!

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