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DSTC on course from June 2022 operational

Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied on behalf of the City of Amsterdam and Rijkswaterstaat have approved the establishment and operation of Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus. This means that both the building of yachts and the refit of yachts are permitted.

Now that it has been confirmed that the activities for the construction, maintenance and refit work of yachts fall within the zoning plan, the way is clear to realize these activities according to plan.

Building permit applied for

At the end of last year, the building permit for the first phase was applied for. This phase focuses on the construction of the quay of approximately 500 meters, the floating pier and the construction of the first three halls with the docks. The docks vary in length from 110 to 185 meters and have a width of 22 to 35 meters. The high-quality appearance and design of the halls is in keeping with the activities taking place there.

The use of a lot of glass creates a pleasant working environment with plenty of daylight and allows passers-by to see the work being done on the yachts. The sustainability of the campus is reflected in the solar panels and six wind turbines. The aim is to start construction in April 2022.

Operational as of June 2022

Now that both yacht building and yacht refit work have been licensed, Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus is in a position to receive the first yachts for refit or maintenance work from June 2022.

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