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Soil testing on the site has begun

Friday, November 26, we started the first probing on the site. Monday, November 29, the first CPTs in the water also took place.

The soil investigation will take approximately 10 weeks. Based on the outcome of the investigation, we can start determining the construction method and the first piles will soon follow.

Why is a soil test important?
A soil survey is important to be able to measure the soil and also determine the soil construction. When probing, a cone (cone-shaped point) is pushed in by means of a constant speed. This cone registers, among other things, the different types of soil present. The resistance that is created when the cone is pressed into the ground makes it possible to determine the load-bearing capacity of the soil. Based on this result, a construction method is chosen that best suits both the soil and the plan that applies to the piece of land in question.

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