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Building a project from the ground up, that's what gives us energy

When the opportunity arose to invest in a shipyard at a unique location in Amsterdam, we immediately saw plenty of possibilities. We are pioneering conceptual thinkers with guts and vision. We like to build things from the ground up and invest in projects and ideas that are sustainable, innovative and challenging.
The Netherlands as a nautical nation
The Netherlands and water have been connected for centuries. And not just literally. Our country has been known worldwide for centuries for its many boat builders. The Campus will be built in the area where the leading shipyard, the Amsterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (ADM), operated in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Our passion for sailing
Wim Beelen, our Creative Founder, was a sailor on the ocean liner in his teens. That was for him and his family the start of the love for sailing. He now owns a yacht that he modernized and extended himself.

Demand is increasing
The superyacht market is more vibrant than ever. There is a lot of demand from America, the Far East, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The sea is freedom, a superyacht a status symbol. Innovation, quality, reliability and design are four elements that should not be missing from a superyacht. The Netherlands is among the world leaders in these areas.

The future of superyacht construction can only remain strong through innovation. Today, technological developments follow faster than ever. Sustainability is an important theme in this regard.

The Campus
Innovation is central to our concept for the Campus. We provide facilities and technical resources to encourage collaboration where possible with open innovation as the goal. Examples include the search for alternative fuels such as hydrogen, or the use of batteries. But we also put the construction process and the sustainability of the materials used in the ships under a magnifying glass.

Wind at your back
With the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus we are creating an environment where craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability are central. Here we offer every opportunity to further expand the Dutch competitive position in the superyacht industry, not only in size but also in quality.

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